Current Status of IDS : Mostly Remote

Valued Clients,

With rising concern over coronavirus, the team at IDS, Inc. is reaching out to let clients know we are prepared to continue providing services throughout the pandemic. The IDS Document System is designed to operate and provide documents 24/7, regardless of the presence of individuals within the office. We do not anticipate having document production interrupted in the event of a general quarantine, as document processing occurs in off-site data centers that do NOT require employees to be present to function.

In the event of a general quarantine, there may be a small decrease in the speed with which customer service issues such as document change requests are addressed. IDS has a large number of remote employees, however, and is able to field customer service issues including processing packages as necessary. The capability to work remotely can be provided to additional employees as necessary on short notice as well, ensuring that IDS will be able to continue managing these requests. In addition, our new Help Center will allow clients to manage minor concerns on the fly.

Additional policies have been issued by IDS management to all employees concerning business and personal travel. Employees are advised to avoid travel in any country under a CDC warning Level 3. Policies are in place regarding self-quarantine in the event travel is unavoidable. In addition, IDS has policies in place to reduce key-person dependency. Employees are trained to handle a variety of tasks to ensure that the work of absent employees can be covered by their peers when necessary, including within fulfillment. Fulfillment services will continue as normal.

Thank you for your continued support of IDS.

Additional Information

Employees who prefer working in the office and are at low risk have begun to return.

IDS operations are continuing as normal. 


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